Detail of a shoe's materials

– Materials –

Light-weight, resistant and breathable

Fera Libens has achieved the highest level animal-free rating of (VVV+) from LAV, which certifies that our entire shoe is produced without the sacrifice of any animal.

Fera Libens utilises several leather alternatives, such as Alcantara, microfiber and other synthetic and natural components to produce a 100% Italian-made shoe.

Alcantara® is a cutting-edge Italian brand and material, which is well-known for its luxurious quality and extraordinary versatility. This material is widely used in the fashion industry. Alcantara® is eco-friendly: it is 100% Carbon Neutral, which means it has a net carbon footprint of zero. Find out more.

Animal-free materials

Microfiber is a “non-woven” fabric that has a ratio of length-to-weight less than 10,000 meters of fiber per one gram. Basically, it is incredibly light. In addition, microfiber has a very similar structure to leather in terms of breathability and strength and guarantees comfort. We use microfiber for many proponents of our shoes. Our suppliers are leading Italian manufacturers.

The soles are made of rubber and produced by Italian manufacturers. In several models, we use Vibram® rubber, which ensures durability. In addition, this rubber is also weatherproof and anti-slip. The Laces are made of 100% cotton and fabricated in Italy.

Shoe's materials