– Frequently Asked Questions –


1. Do I have to have an account to place an order?
No, an account isn’t necessary to purchase a Fera Libens product. But saving an account will allow you to make any subsequent purchases more quickly.

2. How do I choose the right size?
To choose the right size, we suggest you to read the size guide.

3. How do I know if a product is available, and what do I do if it isn’t?
Availability will be specified in each product description in the drop-down menu indicating “Size”. It’s possible that some of the models on this site may be out of stock since production is by hand, which makes it impossible to produce goods on a large scale. If you wish to know when the out of stock models will be available again, contact us at info@feralibens.com and we will notify you as soon as we can.

4. What are the payment methods?
It is possible to pay with your PayPal account, card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), bank transfer, or Hype Wallet.

5. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
All orders are dispatched via SDA express courier within 72 hours of receiving your order, after we checked the availability of the product and the validity of the payment. All orders placed during weekends and public holidays will be processed on the first following working day. Generally, estimated delivery times are 3/5 working days for Italy and the other EU countries, and 5/7 days for all other countries. For any delays caused by customs or due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company, Fera Libens does not consider itself liable.

6. What are the shipping costs?
Fera Libens ships worldwide. We’re gearing up to reach other planets and satellites in the near future. Here are the shipping rates and returned goods rates for five regions: Italy (free), Europe (free), non-EU European countries and North America (18 euro), Switzerland (6.5 euro), all other countries (35 euro).

7. What are the delivery methods?
Once you have received the product, we advise you to carefully make sure that the package is perfectly intact before signing for it as proof of delivery. If for any reason the package seems to have been tampered with, we advise customers to sign the receipt with reservation or refuse the delivery of the shipment. If you believe the package has been damaged or to be any way not intact, we recommend you contact the express courier as soon as possible and notify Fera Libens of the situation at this e-mail address: info@feralibens.com.

8. Can I track the delivery?
Once your order has been confirmed and the shipment arranged, you can track the shipment along the entire route using the tracking number you will receive via e-mail confirming the successful shipment of your order. Just go to the link provided in the e-mail and insert your tracking number.

9. Is it possible to return goods?
Of course it is. Fera Libens strives for full customer satisfaction. If you wish to change or return the footwear you have received for reasons such as size, design, colour or any other reason, you will simply have to fill in the form that Fera Libens will supply you with. You can choose between two types of refund: Exchange reference. If in stock, it’s possible to exchange the size, colour, design within the same collection (for same priced goods). It’s not possible to exchange a product for one from a different collection. Only one free exchange of goods is allowed (Italy and EU countries) for any authorized return of goods. Refund: refunds will be made once returned goods have been received and checked. For orders that have been paid for with credit card, the customer will be reimbursed in approximately 10 days, and will be shown on the client’s next bank statement. The timing may vary slightly depending on your credit card provider. For orders that have been paid using PayPal the reimbursed amount will be paid back into the original account.

10. How do I return or exchange a product?
Contact Fera Libens at info@feralibens.com to get all the information you need. Shipment of returned goods is free in Italy and the EU. For non-EU countries, the cost of shipment is born by the customer subject to the shipment rates previously referred to in question number 6.

11. What materials are used to make a pair of Fera Libens?
Fera Libens use absolutely no animal by-products. Our aim and vision is to create an aesthetically and ethically excellent product without causing harm to any living creature. Therefore our products are suited to vegan customers on the look out for a product that matches their beliefs, but also for the wider public, one that embraces conscious consumption behaviour without sacrificing style and elegance and is open to product innovations. The upper and the inner lining are made of Alcantara® and of microfibers produced by leading Italian companies in the field. The materials used for all the other shoe components are in line with our company’s animal-free policy. For further information, go to materials.

12. Who produces Fera Libens products and where are they produced?
Fera Libens shoes have been conceived and manufactured entirely in Italy. Starting from the initial design, the prototypes have been developed in cooperation with the Synesis footwear laboratory (an EU consortium involving, among others, Italy’s National Research Centre), based in Vigevano. The shoes are handcrafted by the best Italian artisans in central Italy (Marche), in Montegranaro, a little village renowned for its shoe making tradition.

13. How do I keep my Fera Libens in good condition?
First of all, when you store your shoes away, especially for long periods of time, we advise you to use a shoetree in order to keep the shape of the shoe intact. Cleaning methods depend on surface type. 1) For models with a full-grain leather effect, wipe the upper with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt on the surface of the shoe. You can also use a neutral soap to remove the toughest stains (however not all stains can be removed: microfiber is absorbent, just like leather). Apply a footwear cleansing cream (as long as it does not contain aggressive solvents) which also polishes the surface. For a higher polish apply shoe polish, neutral for all colours or of the colour of your model. 2) For suede versions (microfiber) we advise you to delicately brush the surface of the shoe using a brush with soft bristles. For tougher stains apply a shampoo for suede footwear diluted in water. Don’t rub too hard to avoid ruining the surface. 3) For suede versions (Alcantara®) it is recommended that you follow the same cleaning instructions as above. Remember not to rub too vigorously, and not to use steam machines.
It is sufficient to dust Alcantara® using a soft brush, a dry cloth, or a vacuum cleaner.
After having dusted Alcantara®, you can run a damp white cotton cloth or a damp sponge over the shoes making sure not to wet them excessively. Avoid the use of printed absorbent cloths/papers as they can release ink onto the material. Leave to dry and then restore the material by brushing it delicately with a soft bristle brush. For detailed information on ordinary maintenance and stain removal see the official page.
For waterproofing, apply a standard shoe waterproofing spray both for suede and full grain leather.

14. Can Fera Libens shoes be considered vegan shoes?
Without doubt Fera Libens products can be considered vegan because no animal by-products are used in the production process. However, as you will have noticed, we don’t use this expression in our promotional material. Such a narrow definition risks alienating a large number of potential customers and attracting only the interest of vegan customers. Our aim is go beyond this niche market, which, nonetheless, is our primary target. Our goal is to promote awareness of responsible consumption to other groups who may not be vegan but are sensitive to animal rights. We also think that avoiding a “vegan-only” label is the real way forward to promoting the spread of sustainable consumption lifestyles on a large scale.