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Do you want to try our shoes? It's safe and easy!
1. Order the pair of shoes you would like to try.
1. Place an order
2. Wait for your shoes.
2. Wait for your shoes
3. Try your shoes as if you were at the store.
3. Try your shoes
4. Happy? Enjoy you new shoes! Unhappy? Exchange them or return them!
4. Enjoy your shoes or change them or return them!


0% Leather 100% Quality

0% Leather 100% Quality

No animal by-product is used in the process of making Fera Libens footwear.

If they’re not leather, then what are they?

We use Alcantara® and microfiber, two materials which guarantee amazing performance, even better than leather. Our shoes are light-weight, comfortable, breathable and resistant. In short, great quality.

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I like them! If only I could try them on…

No problem! With our free shipping and returns policy (within the EU) you can easily try our shoes at home! Just place an order and if you are not happy we will refund you the purchase price!

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Or you can just visit one of the stores that sell our shoes, try them, and buy them there!

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Love animals, enjoy life

Fera Libens is a brand of footwear, but also the expression of a philosophy. The footwear we make is aimed at satisfying customers who are committed to and aware of sustainable consumer behaviour like vegetarians, vegans and other animal-friendly lifestyles, without sacrificing style and quality. The name of our brand means “Happy Animal” in Latin, to remind us of Italy’s cultural heritage and compassion for animals.

Fera Libens stands for ethics, aesthetics and quality.


Materials of Fera Libens shoes

Italian Craftsmanship

Italian Craftsmanship

Fera Libens footwear can be considered fully vegan – even if we don’t overly stress this aspect. Such a description would risk excluding a large chunk of potential customers and limit the range of interest in our products only to people who would identify themselves as vegans. Our principal aim is to reach out beyond this niche market to other groups that are not necessarily vegan but who are sensitive to the need to treat our animal friends with respect. We think that avoiding “vegans-only” label is the best way to promote the spread of more sustainable behaviour on a wider scale.

Fera Libens has reached the highest level (VVV+) of the Animal Free Rating from LAV (Anti-Vivisection League, an Italian group against animal testing), which certifies that our shoes don’t contain any material of animal origin.

LAV Animal Free Certification