– Italian Craftsmanship –

Fera Libens shoes are designed in Milan and are 100% Italian-made. We find our inspiration among some of our favorite places here in Italy, and living in the heart of Milan keeps us up to date on the newest and most popular trends. We have chosen the best Italian craftsmen, coming from Marche, Piedmont and Lombardy, to handle our production, and each shoe is made by hand with the utmost care and attention. This attention to detail ensures that each pair is perfect and held to a high-quality standard. Here at Fera Libens, every ounce of our shoes is animal-free and satisfies vegan requirements.

We are proud of our shoes and the ethics we stand for. One of our most proud feats is our hand-made quality. Each shoe comes with a history. A history that starts in Milan at a drawing table…

Animal-free materials

Our shoe designs are drawn in-house by our designers who carefully scrutinise every draft to guarantee precision and exceptional aesthetics. Resembling a traditional English style with a twist, our shoes are unique and contemporary. Once our designs are deemed completed, the fabrics are hand selected by the owners who personally deliver both the sketches and materials to our several factories. There, the artisans cut and sew the fabric by hand, molding the shoe with a high degree of integrity and zeal.

While the shoes are being crafted, our sole-maker in Vigevano prepares for their arrival. As soon as they have taken form, the soles are hand-stamped to the shape of the shoe for a perfect fit every time. Bringing the two pieces together at our factory is our favorite part, where they are stitched together and brought to life. A thorough examination of each shoe is taken seriously, as they are then laced by the hands of their creator and gently packaged in its box for sale.

We love shoes, and our passion for creating them only grows with time. It is our pleasure to combine our love for animals with our shoemaking business, helping to pave the road for ethical fashion one step at a time.