– Meet the Founders –

Federico and Francesco - The Founders



For many, maybe too many reasons:

Because I had a grandfather who was a shoemaker and crafted small masterpieces with his hands.

Because I wanted to help improve the world around me; a small drop of good will in a sea of indifference.

Because it’s wonderful to see an idea germinating, to nurture it and to strive to spread it all over the world.



Because I like to think I’m making a contribution, however small, towards a type of sustainable development.

Because I think there’s a more aware way of living life, without foregoing it’s many joys.

Because I love animals.

Deep down if I could be reborn, I’d choose to be a dog, for sure a revered and spoiled one, one of those dogs that can eat when they like, sleep on the couch and bite, without reprimand, whoever is unfriendly and annoying!

We strongly believe in the necessity of orienting consumer behaviour towards a higher responsibility for the environment and animals, while valuing Italian traditional artistry and “gusto”, renowned and appreciated all over the world.


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Fera Libens is involved in the Speed Mi Up program – a start-up incubator set up jointly by the Bocconi University and the Milan Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Milan City Council – which helps start-ups get off the ground and develop their business concept.

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